Monday, 25 November 2013


Admirably, it was not her beauty set her aside the crowd; it was more than that. It was not her magnetic charms; it was more than that. It does not take long until her effervescent spirit ignites yours. She laughs with her eyes and her soul. 
Call it hypnotism, just like everyone else does, but she has that touch, that spirit, that ability that seems to draw everyone to her.
Undoubtedly, she is a witch. She is good at what she does; Classical yet every bit of her modern. They all talk about her, they all love her, they all loved her, and even love to hate her.
At one time one will consider her less of a mortal. Yet she is flesh and blood. She was neither tall nor short just of medium height, yet she exuded the confidence of five men. Her walk, works, speaks of a woman with purpose, yet it is not wise to believe the school of thought that actually considers her as a hypnotizer. You are held spellbound when she is in her element. She knows her job so well that people greatly admire how she came to know so much about what she does.
She is everything any woman could ever wish to be, yet some women may detest because they could not match her. She does hypnotize, that smile and attitude of hers are witnesses. As she rose in acknowledgement of the cheers that followed her name from all around the big conference room, she stop to catch her breath and steadied her racing pulse to recollect the speech she rehearsed that morning.
A woman of standard and substance you may call her, but only she knew she is a through bred; her specie is rare this days and becoming rarer. She smiled again with the best intention and honestly, you could see her feelings. She spoke calmly and the message of her words seeped through like a hot tea on a colder morning.
My name is Abimbola Dawodu. People tell me I have it all, that I have made it but I know deep down inside of me my next assignment is yet to be completed. The media have asked me severally, my secret for being one of the most successful women in this time and place. As always, I found out that I never really answered the question in the shortest time they all give me. My secret is so simple. They are set of specifics that have guided me:
• start to begin
• failure is a word not an action
• consistency brings perfection
• Now all things may be steady but fight.
• Leave your comfort zone.
All this I held as my mantra after I made the decision to become my own boss. I never had it on a platter of gold, yet it was not all struggles, there were times I enjoyed and times I less enjoyed, but I did not suffer. What suffered was only my ego whenever I made mistakes. I have been offered little for great jobs and offered more for little service.
I made my best decision and I stuck to what I love doing best. It was hard because I fell, rose, I loved; I was dumped, duped, abandoned and loved again. I hated, was hated, was cheated and cheated too. Overall, I had a conscience, which always prick me and made me right my wrongs. I never let these happenings shift me from my focus.
It was a long way from where I started and backing out was not an option for me. Building a conglomerate takes a long time; even longer time but I thank God I have been able to do it. I am a mother, a wife and a woman. Sometimes those roles interfere with each other, and at times, they put me in dangerous situations of having to choose one over the other. I have balanced all, as much as I could. I could have done much more better if it was just a role I am playing but I did it anyway playing different roles and being a different person each time of the day.
A woman builds a nation, a woman empowers, and directs; she packs the strength of many to be who she is at different times of the day. From head to toe, we are gloriously designed with curves that hides disappointments, depressions, tiredness and all, yet also designed with curves that is able to ease away trouble. If we could for years go through the 5 days of red and forget pains of it moments after its gone then we are special creatures; we are design not to resign, but to go forward.
Someone once asked me if I think about the future because of some of my strategic and successful choices of business and related economic issues. I answered as a female “every female is forever thinking about the next big thing in their lives, making plans for the next two years. Images of the next five years is tucked away somewhere in our memory and the next day the image of the sixth year is already in formation.
Women will change the world.
It is a fact that is getting more opinion leaders to look at women and listen to them.
How can we perform this colossal role?
Make a choice today to be ready. Make a choice today to do what will build an empire for you in the next 10 years or in the future.
Never relent.
Every female is an entrepreneur, whether you sell, provide a small service, we are forever thinking of expansion and how to do things right.
Ask yourself what you will be doing in the next 10 years. No matter what you do, will you be growing or be stagnant?
If you want to grow and eventually build a business for yourself, make up your mind to do so today and see things changing. Remember positivity is a game of the mind. You can only play the game right if your mind is on it.
Four things you must learn as a female entrepreneur:
• Make the right choice
• Consistency is the guard of your dreams
• Network
Nothing can compare to female elasticity when it comes to facing challenges. So stand by your decision.
Failure is a word not an action, so start to finish and finish well. Finishing well is subjective but never forget, the objective side of it, because two sides will always exist for a coin.
Finish well and satisfactorily and let the success show in you and on you.
Finding a nesting place is never difficult if your action matches your passion. Being successful is never impossible when our productivity is achieved in comfort. You can only achieve comfortable productivity if you do what you are passionate about.