Monday, 25 November 2013

How aware are you, of your body, your needs , your senses, your feelings, your self talk , your fears, your defences, your passions, your purpose your belief and their power to create reality.

Discover your authentic self and the truth about life around you. Your consciousness may be different from your subconscious , take time to learn a few things about your self. It may be the right path to true discovery. We live so much in the conscious truth that we pretend or forget to consider the subconscious. What is your mind telling you right now! That your attitude to life may not be right after all, or that you shouldn't have done what you did last night or what you are planning to do tomorrow.

So sisters any time you need to make any decision consult the subconscious, it may perform time travel on that decision of yours and give you reasons to do or not to do what you are planning to do. Whatever reasons it gives you, know that the effort to obey, may be worth its time.

Take a conscious or subconscious journey into your life to know and grow your self.

REMEMBER: Believe ... Knowledge ...Opportunity