Monday, 25 November 2013

Increasingly, the face of global poverty is a female one. It is the girl who cannot read and the mother who cannot write her own name. But the face of hope is also female. It is the young woman who teaches her sister how to write her name and the mother who sends her daughters to school.
Access to quality education is the best tool we have in the fight against global poverty. By educating girls and women, they become more productive citizens, contribute more to the development of their communities and take their rightful place as equal members of society. A disproportionate number of girls and women are under-educated or have very limited opportunities for schooling. Female literacy rates are well below that of males. Education is important for everyone, but it has special significance for girls. Unwanted pregnancy and HIV/AIDS are among the leading causes of school dropouts. Education helps girls to know their rights. Access to relevant information and services can protect and improve women’s health and help them achieve their reproductive rights.
talk to girls around you about this and lets change the face of poverty. we are girls, ladies, woman and we can do it.