Monday, 25 November 2013

"The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety."
— Goethe

Bisade‘s felt more sore than before. Her body hurt all over. She grabbed the walls to stand up, but the sharp pains sent hot tremors straight down to her brains. She looked over to the closed door at her right, and stretched painfully to grabbed her clothe which was scattered not far from her. As she did, fresh memory of what happened flew to her consciousness.
Ifeoma her friend had just left her house when uncle came in. She greeted him and tried to make her way to her room very quickly. He called her back instantly and asked her to get him a cup of water. She took the water to the sitting room and didn’t find him. She shrugged and drops the water on the centre table so that she can quickly go to her room and lock the door. She found the door slightly ajar and went inside. Uncle was lying on the bed with nothing but his own self. He stood up immediately as she made to turn back and held her by the hand.
“Uncle you are hurting me. Please I am not feeling fine and I will like to go to the sitting room. Uncle I am begging you in the name of God, don’t do this to me.”
The pleas of an 11 yr old seems to fall on deaf ears as he put one hand over her mouth and half carried and dragged her to the bed.
“Uncle please I am still sore from yesterday. Please leave me alone. I will tell mama. Please I am not feeling fine”.
He touched her breast, and smiled at her.
“Uncle please, uncle please, uncle please, uncle please; somebody please help me, help me, help me. God why is this happening to me?
Hot tears flow down her cheeks as he tore away the buttons away from her clothes.
“Uncle I beg you, please. Please I won’t tell mummy again.”
He pushed her body down on the bed and pinned her torso down with his legs, and opened his trouser.
The single sweat from his head tricked down to his body, in her tears the single movement of the sweat seemed to take thousand years as it felled down unto her.
Her sobs increased as she felt him right inside her. Thousand pains that seem to have found solace in her agreeable body rose up in annoyance trying to find places they originally belong to, the gruelling pains made her feel wobbly. She sobbed as he gropes and grunts............
She moves her body as she momentarily wipe away the memory. She needs to make a move now or else, he may come back and hurt her again.
It wasn’t the first time, definitely not the 4th or 5th time, ironically, tomorrow is her 12th birthday and if mama leaves her alone with him again tomorrow, it will be his 12th time of raping her.
He is mama’s brother who is currently serving his mother’s land after years of study at the university. He is also mama’s youngest brother and the apple of her eyes since his looks favour their late mother who mama loved dearly.
A bell rang from a short distance, and in that instance uncle Phillips came out from the bathroom, looking his usual placated self.
“Who is that “. He asked.
I looked at him as he hurriedly went to see who was knocking at the door. He staggered back into the room and ask me to stand up. The knock was louder and more insistent than before. He looked at me and all around the room and went to the door.
Aunty - you are back ...................................... to be continued.