Monday, 25 November 2013


Mama came in as usual, but looking at the hands of the clock her timing was not usual.
Uncle Phillips opened the door for her and moved away as if expecting trouble. It takes any spy knowing what had transpired between me and uncle to know his faltered steps were borne out of guilty conscience.
Phillips? Are you ok? I must have thought you look alarmed to see me. I know I am coming in early but it’s just that my supervisor felt I needed rest after these last week ordeals of travelling here and there and beside i need to prepare for Bisade’s birthday tomorrow.
Where Is Bisade? She asked
Without waiting for Philips answer she crossed the sitting room area to the other side of the house where the four rooms in the house is located and called to her daughter.
Phillips ran after her like a dog, afraid she was going to open Bisade room and find what had happened. He answered behind her, I guess she must be tired and she may be sleeping. She turned to find her brother hovering behind her and felt him looking a bit scattered, she felt she saw something she could not read in his eyes and shrug it off. She released her hand from Bisade's door knob and made a beeline for her own room.
Phillips heave a sigh of relief and quickly entered Bisade’s room and saw her on the bed, he angrily push her up and ordered her to the bathroom to make herself presentable in 3 minutes before her mother comes out again.
She made up her mind, it was going to be today or no other day, afterwards she will kill herself, and she entered the bathroom and looked longingly to the kitchen knife she kept hidden in her bathroom. Even if death was not easy, she prayed hers would be fast and without pain.
From the full length mirror behind her she turned to looked at her body as she disrobes. What part will she cut first? Where will most blood come out from? She heard her mother call her and hurriedly bath to dress up. She walked with slight careful steps and wince a little at the soreness of her private part.
Welcome Mama.
Hi, darling? How was school today? When she didn't answer she looked questioning at Bisade and felt the strangeness she confessed to her friend at the office she has been feeling about her daughter in some weeks past.
Are you ok dear? You look unwell. Come over here.
All the while her eyes were down cast and as her mother sat and drew her to sit on her laps, a shooting pain went through her and she gave a little shout.
Mrs Adeniyi sensing something was wrong immediately looked at Bisade who refused to sit on her laps. My baby, are you ok. Bisade was her only daughter and her second child. Her first son and her husband are both abroad at the moment studying, leaving her and her daughter in Nigeria. Maybe she is missing her dad, as the two of them shared a bond she can never explain.
What is wrong angel?
She looked up with tears in her eyes and looked at her mother before looking at Uncle Philips who at this time sat on the very edge of the chair with a menacing look. Not willing to shift her resolve she looked at her mother again and looked at Uncle Philips and started crying.
Bisade what is the problem, please tell me I am your mother .She raised her hand and pointed at Philip who at the moment was alarmed and quite shaken. Mrs Adeniyi looked questioning at her younger brother. Philip did you beat my daughter? Why
Philip answered.
Nne I didn't beat her much I only reprimanded her not to come late from school again.
Mrs Adeniyi opened her mouth in amusement to reply her younger brother while placating her daughter who still wanted to talk as the bell outside the gate chimed noisily.
Please check who is at the door.
Bisade stood up about to go to her room knowing full well that her mother believed her brother and will not mention the case again. It was just the last confirmation she needed to end everything anyway.
A middling e age woman came into the room bearing what looked like a parcel in her hands. Mrs Adeniyi quickly calls to the retreating back of her daughter to come over. Bisade turned back and look at her mother angrily, if only she could have probed deeper and not believe her brother all the time.
She stood aside as they all exclaim at the cake for her birthday tomorrow. She thought to herself by this time tomorrow the cake will be overturned or used in her demise. She made to go to her room but the woman called her back and told her to sit beside her.
Mrs Adeniyi was surprise as the woman took hold of her daughter and sat her down gently beside her. She waited as the woman looked at her in annoyance. What could be the problem as they just shared a laugh a while ago and why is the woman looking at her? The woman spoke with anger that defies her diminutive stature.
Mrs. Adeniyi? Are you a mother, or a keeper? Mama looked incredulously at the stranger who had the gut to come to her house and ask her questions. If not that the cake was prepaid she would have ordered her out of the house. You have seen signs and you obviously ignored the signs. Your daughter has given you hints of her pains and you never noticed them.
Bisade looked at the stranger and wondered if she knew about her pains and how. The question must have appeared on her face as the woman turned and looked at her saying, I know because I saw him a while ago when I came and nobody noticed.
Bisade busted to tears thanking God that now it is definitely over, at least someone could corroborate her story. She may go and rest.
Uncle Philips stood up from his seat and wanted to go out. The stranger shouted at him. Sit down where you are young man or I will arrest you immediately. Mrs Adeniyi looked around the room trying to guess what was going on.
Bisade, Philips, what is going on?
The strange woman spoke up immediately. Nothing that you cannot find out if you had listened to your daughter cry for help in her own home. Then you would have known that your brother has been stealing from your own daughter what she should not give now at her stage in life but was forced to give every time you leave her alone with him.
Mrs Adeniyi, who did not understand this, still looked incredulously as the whole situation begins to become clear to her. She looked at her daughter, Bisade who refused to meet her eyes and looked at the woman.
Yes, your bother has been raping your daughter since he started leaving in your house. Your daughter has been forced and deflowered, raped. she shouted with effect so that the word s may sink in to my mind. At this moment Bisade was crying uncontrollably and Phillips was looking for the ground to swallow him.
The woman, how well do you know your daughter, Mrs. Adeniyi?
Mrs Adeniyi who at this moment was also in tears looked at her daughter and found out that on a scale of 10 she could only say she knew her daughter 3%. She stood up with a menacing glare and gave Philips a dirty slap that got him reeled off the chair.
The whole room turned to a battle ground as Mrs. Adeniyi continue to heave her anger on her brother while the strange woman tried to calm her down. It was in this uproar that Bisade stood up and went to her room. She went to the bathroom, took the paper she hid behind the door and held the knife, she looked straight at herself in the mirror, smiled and did it. With the paper still in her hand she fell down unceremoniously.
The crash from the room drew the woman attention and she looked around her for the girl, she looked at Bisade mother and immediately they scrambled to where the sound came from and found Bisade in her bathroom in a pool of her own blood with a paper in her hand. Mrs Adeniyi screamed as she bent beside her daughter. The woman extricated the paper from her Bisade’s hand.
It was a pregnancy report!
She looked down again and felt her pulse. Call the ambulance she is alive, she shouted. Phillip who stood at the door and who at the moment was busying telling God how the devil took over his flesh sprang to action and in matters of minutes the ambulance came and Bisade was whisked to the hospital , 5 days Mrs. Adeniyi forgot every other thing and stayed battling with her daughter to save her life.
Two weeks after, with wounds that can never heal, bisade was able to sit up with little assistance on her hospital bed. She made it, lost the baby and lost much more. Her innocence, her mother and her womb....................... To be continued.