Monday, 9 December 2013

A tiny bit of her!

Just a tiny bit of her. Just that tiny bit that could have completed her couture is missing. She looked around for it but couldn't find it. Resignedly, she struggled to keep a straight face.
If only she could have the final bit to complete her idea. This is bad! Everything just looks bad. Surely no one would notice?
And so, Every time it came to her turn she begged for more time until her excuses couldn't hold any longer. Then came her turn and she felt rather than saw the shocked faces. Her composure decomposed as she gradually took her steps to the huge stage. The last shred of confidence must have dropped when she heard her name. She took the first step, and then the second and her mind went berserk. “I should have done it better, this is not the best of me, and I shouldn't have come for this competition”.

Despite her riotous mind, a great applause has started from the audience. Awed by the creation in front of them, the audience bowed at such ingenuity. Men stood transfixed by her absolute beauty and brilliance, women nod their heads in total submission to this true gem that beats the pack. They chorused her name and she came to herself. She wondered who could be the object of such delighted gaze. She looked around and saw no one but herself. She looked at her total stupidity; they looked at her unrivalled creativity. It finally dawned on her, and then she smiled!

How many times have we stepped back from realizing our dreams because we believe we are not ready? Perfection is a state of mind. What appears to be perfect is just a deception.
How many times have you put off sharing your ideas? How many times have you called that wonderful talent of yours as just that little thing that keeps you occupy. Maybe you are not a perfectionist, but you are a procrastinator. You sit down every day to watch that favourite show of yours and you scream at the glamour of an idea that was once yours.
Naturally, striving for your best work isn't a bad thing. There is a difference between “striving for excellence” and perfectionism. Those striving for excellence in a healthy way try their best and then view any mistakes as an opportunity for learning. Another difference is that those striving for perfection or those procrastinating will not take the step to their dreams when they ought to have.

“Fail fast”! If you’re striving to be perfect, you could fail when it’s too late to do anything.

There’s never a “perfect time”, and you can never execute something “perfectly”.
Perfection is impossible. Every physical thing is in a constant state of change, so even if you think something’s perfect, it won’t be perfect for long. There is no perfect timing for anything.
Rain can fall in dry season! And rainy season can be dry!

Remember... Believe... Knowledge ...Opportunity (Pink Ambition)