Monday, 9 December 2013

Allow your conscience to work full time.

Tip of the day:
Allow your conscience to work full time.

It doesn't really matter if people agree with you or if they accept your apology or understand how you feel. At the end of the day what matters is how your conscience makes you feel. If you can do without opinions and advise, then give more room to your conscience to tell you the stats of life. If we give our conscience the opportunity most of the time, it will become our major ally and a pivotal census for self improvement.

Either you allow your conscience to judge you or not will be based on what the situation is all about. It is better to think about our conscience as a judge, because most of the times we fall guilty in any situation it is never part of our body.

“Where did it go”? Well it resides in a place in our body that watches our activity and allows it come up and tells us “why did you do that”.

It is possible for conscience to be corrupted or silenced, because often times when the human nature is perpetually wrong, conscience becomes silent, but none the less available. Next time you are trying to weigh options and outcome of some situations, give your conscience a full time job and watch its performance.
Do you give your conscience room to help you to define more about yourself, your work, passion, your relationship, and even your ideas?

Funmi Akerele