Monday, 9 December 2013


My grandmother told me a long time ago, that you can never take resilience away from Nigerians. Despite all odds, they seem to be moving on. 
Even if they have taken away our comforts, we look for other ways to get it back. As females wishing to survive in this environment, it dawns on me that even the weather at times may not be favourable but we devise means to guard against the weather and stay calm.
Whatever way we can, we hold it to ourselves, to our future, to our vision, to survive.
It is part of our formation to survive. If you can survive days of stomach upsets, every month and still bounce back to move up and down, then survival is part of our nature.
However, in our survival activities, do not let us forget that, reward is only for those who dare to move. Never let circumstances conform you and contort your ideas. You have greater years ahead of you.

Be versatile.

Simply because you have a nine to five job does not mean you cannot do something else.
Do not forget your dreams.
Ignite your dreams for greater yield.
Little drop of water they say makes a mighty ocean.

Be wise. Be informed. Be alert and survive.


Remember…Believe…Knowledge…Opportunities (Pink Ambition)