Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Do It

Dear Female 

...just before you turn the page.

The tea cup is filled with hot tea. You have few seconds to sip, drink a little, gulp, or leave it untouched. While you are still deciding, a basket full of hot croissants arrives and you must take as much as you can; and, the basket must be half empty.
Here you are with these challenges, yet thirty minutes later you must give a speech to a hundred of high school grad who are looking forward to a serious talk from someone who can deliver what they are expecting. It is a known fact that you don’t perform well on a full stomach, yet it is necessary for you to take what has been offered.

Just before you turn the page.

You met sometimes last year, the Disney story could not continue; you love, he loved. But now he so much despised the spoil he had joyfully taken. He feels so strong you are not made for each other. Two years later you still crave for him. But the truth is he has moved on and you are left to move on with a bruise heart and a bruised hope. You felt suicidal.

Just before you turn the page

You have watched with trepidation the imminent divorce. You are barely 13, yet their bickering these past years has grown a default in you. It’s not because you wanted to but you just had to spite them. You decided to get down with the less desirable. Their voice drone on and on and once more you felt the urge to walk in there and give them the piece of your life. The warmest, sincere voice of a thirteen year old who wants to cry her heart out and tell them what they have done to you, what they are doing and want they will continue to do. You are tired anyway; tired of the neighbours’ pitiful glances, tired of your teachers’ excuses when she gives the other parents your mother’s excuses, only favoured by her mail. You wanted to make your speech before they approach the court, but again the liver fails and once more, you patted your pocket with a promise to relate the content another day.

Just before you turn the page ... Remember a commercial is not meant to be crowded with too much messages, just a single line, better still a word, should wrap it up.

Just do it!

Let the page turn anyway. The ambition is not for you to be a perfectionist, the ambition is for you to get uncomfortable on your seat and do it. You can do it with a mouthful of croissant, you can do it without his love for you but your love for something is growing high and well, others are now begging a glimpse of your attention. You can do it to stop their bickering and give them a good knock on the head from the 13 year who knew all they need is a sit down.
Life never gives us anything we can’t handle and there is no victory without battle. So our message for you in 2014 is before you turn the page resignedly.

Just do it.

Happy 2014 Ladies!

- Funmi Akerele