Monday, 9 December 2013

Have you done a BSE!

The road to success is rough and may be sometimes straight if pre-planned. Most importantly for females who want to stay healthy, and attain the desired goals in life. You cannot strike success if your health is in peril and hence the importance of doing health checks. This subject will turn many female off but the reality of the cancer disease is over alarming. A little distaste you may think is allowed, when people discuss this subject. it is funny when some females consider breast problems as "other females’ disease" or say, “it is not my portion". Yet they do not take care of their breast.

Washing, bathing and putting the breast in comfortable apparel is not enough and that is why it is important we do a BSE every month. Breast self-exams are often recommended as a way for women to monitor changes in their bodies between or before regular mammograms. The idea is that by checking your breasts regularly, you will become more familiar with the way they look and feel and can more easily detect breast cancer signs and symptoms such as lumps, skin irritation, pain, or nipple discharge.

It is good to feel breasts for lumps at least once a month anyway, and most medical professionals stress the importance of knowing your own body and taking an active role in your own healthcare. Breast cancer risk does increase with age. You may have heard a fair bit about Breast Cancer but really haven't taken much notice as everyone always seems to be saying that breast cancer only affects women 40 years and older . However, the disease can strike people in their twenties, too. Therefore, young women need to be aware of the risk factors for breast cancer. They also need to know the benefits of self-exams in the bigger picture of their health.

If Breast Cancer is detected early, chances of survival are very high. Treatment now is so much improved and getting better results. It helps if you can understand what to look out for and how to check your own breasts and take ownership of the health of your breasts. It is not really such a big deal and it is easy to do and gives you peace of mind, as you grow older.
The best time is normally one week after your menstrual period

Step 1: Remove all clothe above waist

Step 2: Lie down so your breast tissue spreads evenly over your chest wall and is as thin as possible, making it much easier to feel your breast tissue.

Step 3: put your right hand under your head and use the pads of the three middle fingers of your left hand to check your right breast. Move your fingers slowly in small coin sized circles. Use the different levels of pressure to feel all of your breast tissue. Light pressure is needed to feel the tissue close to the skin surface. Medium pressure is used to feel a little deeper and firmly feel your tissue close to your breastbone and ribs. A firm ridge in the lower curve of each breast is normal. Use each pressure to feel your breast tissue before moving to the other spot. Check your entire breast using a lengthwise strip pattern. Feel all of the tissue from the collarbone to the bra line and from the armpit to the breastbone. Start in the armpit and work down to the bottom of the bra line. Move one finger-width toward the middle and work up to the collarbone. Most breast tissue has some lumps or thick tissue. When in doubt about a particular lump, check your other breast. If you find the same kind of lump in the same area, then both breasts are probably normal. Pay attention to any lump that feels much harder than the rest of your breast.

Step 4: when you have fully examined the right breast put your left hand under your head and do the same examination with your right hand on your left breast.

Most importantly, if you notice anything, visit your doctor and have it checked out. Incorporate self-exams into existing health or beauty routines. Include it in your current fitness and health regimens. The idea is to make checking your breasts a habit, like exercising or washing your face, so there is less anxiety around the practice.

Remember: Believe... Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)