Monday, 9 December 2013

It is the fault of the process.

It is not your fault!

Most times the gains of challenges outweigh the sweats. In view of most challenges, our belief over shadow the beauty of the solution which is always never in sight until we change our belief. if it is not easily achievable.

It is not your fault.

Often times we leave the challenges because of the desires and the message our flesh has transmitted to our brain. But, in every human there is a portion of our being reserved for overcoming challenges.

It is no joke. Check your body it is there! If not, it is not your fault. (Smile)

This portion in our body is called the belief portion which is just the first step to overcoming challenges.
It is in the mind.

The second step is physical.
Get up and do it anyway.
It is the urge for a trial which is almost equal to belief but it is a hard knock, gut-wrenching talk to our body to come on and get the work done.

The third step is about desire. It is how much you desire your solution that brings your success.
Desire will make you perspire.

Even the walk down the street of yours is a tough job. Every female entrepreneur, every lady, girl, business woman who desire even the steam of achievement must understand this and must be willing to go through the process. If you are afraid of the process you may never achieve the gain and that also is not your fault!
It is the fault of the process.

I have tried and succeeded in getting myself seated and doing what I needed to do.
It may not be at the pace I wanted but the mere fact that I succeeded is one glorious win for me. All I need to do is to acquire discipline which is vital to the process.

Regular lifestyle is equal to regular results. Regular schedule brings regular best. The walk to the wilderness of achievement involves a process for those who are willing to go.

One of the greatest ability we should discover about nature is the dynamism of circumstances; something’s get worst to get better and some things get better to get good, depending on what and how you handle it. Life doesn't give a blank report card; you prepare the report card because it is your participation that matters.
Are you tired of the process? Are you afraid of the process? It is not your fault ladies!

It is the fault of the process.

You have your buckets ladies; fill it with enough or little water that will last you for the time you want it. Every outstanding exploit; demands strenuous mental and physical efforts from you.

Be wise and follow the process. It is not a crazy advice.
Be ambitious; it is not your fault if you are not.

But it will be your fault if excellence and solution is lost on your tiara!

Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)