Monday, 9 December 2013


The Wisdom of Money

Money is like the tongue. Money is a language. Money is a virtue.

A virtuous Female learns the proper use of her tongue, because money unwisely spent may vanish. Money is a powerful instrument like the tongue, it can make and it can break.

Money is a virtue. It stays with those who value it. Your relationship with money also reflects on your character. A virtuous female learns the power of good personality, good behavior and a good name because like money, good name is priceless and money is an asset.

Money is a language. Money speaks to people. We understand our language because we are born with it and into it; some learn to speak the language, while others never learn how to speak; they only take part of what they need from the language and refuse to discover the beauty and potential that lies in knowing it all. Some people rely on others to speak on their behalf and never make any move to learn the language (different stroke for different folks).

Whether you are born with money ,or you learn how to have it, or you learn half way the rudiments of money making all is tied to the wisdom of money. If you need money, get wisdom, you need to change your character, go for a character check and curb your tongue. Well you may need to re-learn your language again, but all the same learn to do things with wisdom because that ability reflects how you handle money.

So are you a virtuous Female?

Remember: Believe … Knowledge… Opportunity. (Pink Ambition)