Monday, 9 December 2013


She really felt out of place here today, but what could she do. 

It was necessary. 

She walked up and down. Thinking luck would just shine its brightest on her. Some days are good while other days were just a bit better, but all in all, she has not really made enough to make her to quit. 

She needed today’s money as usual. Mama medications are getting lesser everyday and anything could happen if she doesn't
do something about it. She drank the little milk in her satchel, and smiled softly at what someone she met on this job told her about milk. She said that taking milk could soften any pains she could have on this job and it would make her stronger, agile and less sensitive. She wondered if that was true and drank more from the satchel. The cars were getting later than usual; she looked around at the other people waiting like her. She is the only one standing alone. Others stood in four, fives and sevens, all along the long hallway created for them. They never really accepted her. They told her that she can never be part of them as she looks too good to be true. She mused and wondered if circumstances can look good to be true. Anyway all that doesn't count as she is here now. She opened her satchel and brought out mama’s purse; the one she took earlier in the day when she was looking for her own purse. She took out the chewing gum she kept there in the morning. As she did this, she saw the edge of a paper in one of the purse compartments and took it out. It was a short note. Then she read it.

Pressure...Pressure... cart before a horse!

Never get it twisted.
Gains are for sweats as achievements are for consistent exertion of energy.

Lessons are gained by those that listen to the word under the pressure of words all around.
Work before the walk.
We work with the hands and walk with the legs.
Never get it twisted, and jump the cart before the horse.

Is it important? Is it necessary?
Is it right? Is it worth it?
It’s all a lesson. Learn.

Remember: Believe...Knowledge... Opportunity (Pink Ambition)