Monday, 9 December 2013

Our Story

We believe that All Female, Irrespective Of Their Status, Age and Education backgrounds Are Change Agents. United Nation Identified Female Education As A Strong Indicator For The Attainment Of The Millennium Development Goals. In Our Hands Lie The Power And The Opportunities The World Needs.
Pink Ambition is an initiative Of Take Hills Educational Consult, an organization that is passionate about the plights and even passion of every female all over the world. We strongly believe that the special ingredients amongst others, that will make any female different lies in our philosophy: “BE P.I.N.K” (Purpose, Inspired, Newness, and Knowledge)
We Bring To Women Inspiring Stories That Will Change Their Lives, Opportunity And Knowledge Based Discussions To Help Them Take More Than A Leap To Achieve Their Desired Goals. We understand that women Need Life, We Need Strength and We Need Passion, But Exclusively Those Are Not Enough. Life gives strength to passion and committed passion birth opportunities through knowledge. Let’s help ourselves, let’s build ourselves and let’s be P.I.N.K ambitious.
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