Monday, 9 December 2013

Risk is everywhere. It is easy to tell business people to take risk and damn consequences, but the reality of bold actions can be defeated if not well-calculated. Brands can fail, business fail, competition may be stiffer and eventually outwit you, careers, relationship, happiness may hang on rope, and it seems like taking risk is a taboo all together.

Risk is risky and so also is doing nothing; not taking risk is risky as well. If you cannot accept that there is a need to forge ahead, then you will remain in the same space. Just moving and breathing is enough risk, it is therefore essential that we embrace change and risk with a level of boldness and fearlessness or else we will be left behind. The process of risk involves: acknowledging the risk, learn about the subject matter, gather your evidences and real options before taking the leap. This will afford you the opportunity to be comfortable during the process of risk, even while leaving your comfort zone.

It is only through risk that the greatest advances in life can happen or be achieved. Risk is movement, risk is action, risk is change and unless you have everything you want in life then don’t risk going to the NEXT LEVEL.

Remember: Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities(Pink Ambition)