Monday, 9 December 2013


Chances are that this message may leave some people thinking about what this message is all about or what does she mean? Good chances exist also that some females will look at this and get the meanings immediately.

Our beliefs create our reality.

Do you ever wonder why some people attain success while others don’t?
Often, it has nothing to do with someone’s age, looks or even talent, but an innate ability to belief. We will discover the nature of our own particular genius if we can belief in ourselves. As females we tend to leave everything to chance and even nature not knowing that our greatest ability lies in our beliefs
Look around you. Is this world filled with enough happiness, success and opportunities for people who do not take the bulls by the horns?

Risk is part of life and the sooner we start seeing ourselves taking risk without minding our fears the better it will be for us.
Trust your guidance, seek knowledge, take risk, Draw out the wealth of answers inside you, and Challenge your assumptions, limitations and beliefs.

Break away from setting limitations on your thinking and perception, Force the mind out of its normal thinking patterns, and stimulate breakthroughs to yield the BEST responses.

I'd love to hear what taking risk means to you or what this message is saying.

Remember: Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)