Monday, 9 December 2013

Say NO to underage marriage.

Would you help them?

Would you share in their show of shame? It is not a pity. It is their disease. 

They defiled her! 

Eyes wide in innocence; expecting only his fatherly pat or hug yet deep down inside she knew the fate and the faith?
Evil grins wide at her innocence; grins his daughter does not accept...

Then he violated her.

He killed her innocence. Every night he returns. Her cries grew harder, harder and quieter. Resignedly she cringes then succumbs. Yet he returns every night and empty his needs on her empty flesh. For every one of them that wanted this; they are molesters. For every one that decided it, they are rapist. What’s the difference anyway? Yet the heaven is open to the books that believe in the simple truth.

Now the law of the land has admitted that it’s good to stab her every other day. For every night he meets her raw flesh he stabs; stabs at her esteem, self worth, her future, her destiny, her life.
Buy the egg from the seller; crush the egg with your bare hands.

What again is the use?

It is that someone, that girl, the female, the baby girl that suffers the justice of your needs or rather the injustice of your needs. It is hard yet it is simple.

say no to underage marriage.