Monday, 9 December 2013

Smart is beautiful

Smart is beautiful, 
Assertive is beautiful
Talent is beautiful 
Commitment is beautiful 
Resilience is beautiful 
Humility is beautiful
Passion is beautiful.

Vague, definitely isn't beautiful.
It negates talent, commitment, dedication, resilience of every female.
Erratically-passive, dejectedly- insecure, awkwardly-doubtful, most of all ignorantly-undisciplined;

Not a disease and obviously not beautiful.
The formula for success is a legitimate combination of the beautiful.
“Re” - ignite yourself,
Look beyond the past- present.
Recreate, rejuvenate, revamp, recollect and be resolute.
Passionately- courageous to discover yourself.
Brilliantly-calm to be committed to your new pledge-
“Beautiful inside- out”.

That is the secret.

Confident and not hesitant; saintly-credit your life to a sincere check.
Who am I?
Your question?
Being positive and more- the answer.
And that is absolutely beautiful.
It will be beautiful.

Remember... Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)