Monday, 9 December 2013

The dress and the material

In the real sense of it, I believe a material is still a material until sewn. 

I am not a designer, but I love clothes. I wear clothes as the occasion permit. If am going for a naming ceremony I know the right gears to put on so people will not think the new born baby is having a coronation or convocation.

Why am I talking about material you will ask?

It’s because of you. Not only you but for every one of us.

Permit me this analogy

He looks at you and smile, and in that accent we have all come to recognize he tells you “Nne you are a wife material honestly. I am Emmanuel and you are my Emmanuelle. No wonder I slept so long yesterday I didn't know that one of my ribs was removed to form you. I bless the day that I met you”.

He looks at you with all adoration while deep in his mind he is plotting a wild chase. He takes all your offerings till the sanctuary is dried. Every day he says you’re the material he’s been looking for. Seven years down the lane, he is calling you the best material anybody can ever have.
And you are still waiting!

My advice: Nne this material story indeed does not have a part two!

He is Tobi and you are Toba. He says he has never found a wonderful wife material like you. He has never gone for the competition but his songs have made him an idol in your eyes. While he sings you sit and watch his Adam’s apple confess the best of Marvin Gaye.

While in school you moved permanently with him and you told your parent a good friend of yours is lodging you off campus because Moremi hall is filled up.

You wash, clean, cook and lean on him. Your trip to school is always done twice because the first time you have to ship the food stuffs that will last you guys a while before you go and pick all your
clothes on the second trip back home. Now It’s almost graduation date and anytime you talk about life after school he becomes mute.

In your mind you play Adele’s song till the record is broken” never would I find someone like you”. Then he left without any forwarding address. And you are still waiting!

My question: what do you think happened?

Am not much of a talker but I know that my name is Aminu and you are my Amina.

Even though he is betrothed to a minor down north, you still feed him with your mother’s kunu and your own kunu. Being a good material yourself you smile from end to end. Every time you catch his glances you say to yourself, “he loves me, at least he has pledged me a ring five years ago. For now he wants to complete his second house project back in the village, and then we will get married”.

And you are still waiting!

My comment: honestly I fear for you.

Lesson 2 (success series):

Honestly, this is not about marriage, not even about relationship, but it made sense to analyse success in an uncommon way as thus.
If you are going to succeed then let go of the past, hold on to the present vision of today to transport you to your future. Many dreams have been incapacitated by the thoughts of yesterday. Fear, hurt, grievances and disbelief have punctured some great hope for success.

Holding to the past and to some beliefs can leave us standing still in our lives.

Success means different things to different people. For some it is relationships, for others it is abundance or inner peace. Perhaps it is best summed up as the ability to create the life you want, to pursue what is important for you and enjoy it. It is also about believing and letting go.

Your ability to succeed is directly proportional to your ability to let go of things.

If you're going to be truly successful at pursuing that future, you can't waste time and energy mooning about what might have been if you had made a different decision. You'll only achieve your goals if you truly let go of those other desires and possible directions.
Think of the material as the past, then the dress as the future.

No one puts on a material until it is sown. Forget the state of the material, embrace the "dresses" that you have which are the present ideas that will help you carve and manifest the future.

Remember: Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)