Monday, 9 December 2013

The face of global poverty is a female one

96 Million Girls worldwide will not be in school next session!

Increasingly, the face of global poverty is a female one. But the face of hope is also female.

Education is the best tool we have in the fight against global poverty. By educating girls and women, they become more productive citizens, contribute more to the development of their communities and take their rightful place as equal members of the society. Investing in a girl’s education is vital – It is central to unlocking the cycle of poverty. Education is important for everyone, but it has special significance for girls. Unwanted pregnancy, Low self-esteem and HIV/AIDS are among the leading causes of school dropouts.

Talk to a girl, a woman, a female, a sister and a friend beside you, the importance of education and its rightful application. Let’s teach ourselves, let’s help to train, and teach the importance of education to realize our full potentials. We have some many ways to support ourselves to have better lives.

Education does not stop at obtaining a degree, it starts from the application of what you have learnt and gained to every facets of life. It is an application of knowledge to produce opportunities.
If we want to see the world, our nation turn to a better place, then we need breeds of females who will walk in the fullness of their potential.

Pink ambition will be going to schools in different communities come November this year to start from the foundation and teach our young females to be P.I.N.K Ambitious. (Purpose, inspiration, newness and knowledge)

The essence of our effort is to see that every female (girl) has a chance to realize whatever unique potential of body, mind and spirit she possesses.

Let’s help to lift the face of poverty off the females and let’s be positively PINKED.

Remember...Believe... Knowledge... Opportunities (Pink Ambition)