Monday, 9 December 2013



With high level energy and an unassuming innocence, she strongly declare 

“I am going to be successful”,

-Either as a woman, an entrepreneur, a sought after professional, a business woman, a mother or a lady. She believes attaining success will put her in the forefront and no one was going to look down at her. Yes not even miss goody-two shoes neighbour or little miss have it all (is that bad?).

She knew it was just a matter of time and like they say, a little drop every day, every time, somewhere, turns an ocean mighty. She held the helm of her garment and trembled as she thought of her little resources.

How on earth will all these be possible? Her little voice mocked. If it is for tomorrow then she got to do something today. She gathered all her resources together and looked over one after the other for what would teach, from where to learn the very essence of survival - WINNING.

It took a while, but the words jumped at her. She felt uneasy; even success can’t be this easy. She wiped her sweaty palms on her clothes. The sweat felt like grease and for a while she rubbed and practice playing with the sweat and the grease. She rubbed her palms together and wiped it on her garment again, the friction this time was consistent, she felt the bonding spark of clothe and the grease, then it occurred to her.

It was a spark. It is the SPARK. It is the process to success.
Rubbing full eyes loads of sleep, she stared and stirred and yet startled in her discovery.

It is the STRENGTH
It is the PURPOSE
It is the KNOWLEDGE.

That’s the SPARK.

She muttered beneath her breath, catching the words, flying to land all around her. Clasping her sparkling-greasy fingers, all around the words, she hesitated but for a second to wonder...
Is this just the process? Then she read on....and she continued
It is a strong Believe of the spark, an unflinching and painstaking desire for Knowledge of the spark that results in an exclusive opportunity; a crown for being sparked.

She noted never to forget she is human and a female, she can have the spark. She made a promise never to forget her SPARK. It is the process to her success. She held her palms in a lock never to forget...
Would you remember this also?

This is my story. This is the new WORLD. My new promise to my spark; "PINK AMBITION". Not because I am a female, but because I am human and I got to do what is important and needful to be a Lady of Purpose, Inspiration, Newness, and Knowledge.

My name is Funmi - Akerele.

What is your story? What is your spark?

Remember... Believe...Knowledge... Opportunities (Pink Ambition)