Monday, 9 December 2013


The mode by which the inevitable comes to pass is effort.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Live life everyday as if the next day is just the beginning of today. Effort brings achievement; and continuous effort breeds opportunities. Success is not a visitor. It is a passive resident. When accorded full rights it becomes active and can stay permanently. It can also leave when treated differently.

Handled by those, whose efforts allow them to recognize its residential potentials.
Permitted by those whose pain is secluded in the fate and faith of their happy ending stories.
Even though the shoe pinches the air is agog with the song “I love my job”.
Then one wonders if “effort-happy ending-success” is a myth.

Yes! It is a meat; eaten only by those that work conscientiously at making it happen. Life is so wicked they say; it is like your bank. It only gives you the amount, energy, and efforts you put into it.


Remember... Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)

(C) Pink Ambition.