Monday, 9 December 2013


A lot can be achieved by a nation that taps the resourcefulness of its womenfolk. Women are better managers of both natural and human resources cos they have all it takes to correct all the anomalies in the country. I don't subscribe to the idea of nation building rather I would want us to look at nation rebuilding because no one should build on shaky foundation. A foundation decayed by corrupt system and administration needs a total rebuild on systems that can work for it rather ones handed down by the classical masters. Nation re-building and the associated developmental issues require men and women of deep vision, sincerity of purpose,genuine love for the country, people who understand the meaning of nation rebuilding. Let's us rebuild our is imperative that women need to see themselves as a nation re-builder. The negligence of you and I is the problem. With greater intensity of commitment let's come together as women,females and rebuild this nation for our sake and for our children. 
Let's also pray that better days are not envelope in the 52 years we have spent as a nation. 

Remember: Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities ( Pink Ambition)