Friday, 28 February 2014

The “watermaid” aid to the world.

When HE saved the marriage in Canaan with the water they had in abundance, and turned it into wine, it was called a miracle. None of them would believe that some century later, a passionate, young, determined woman would try to save another world without water.
She became the “watermaid”, who provided access to safe drinking water, with good sanitation and most proper hygiene and the miraculous happened through her idea. Lives, vision, homes, children, women, men were saved through the provision of what is most essential but had been a crisis in Liberia for a long time, and thus the “watermaid” aid to a country that lacked access to safe drinking water.

Saran Kaba Jones the “watermaid” has no scales, no fins and absolutely no fishtails, but an unflinching desire to continue working to improve living conditions in her country. She says her long-term goal is to bring access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene to as many regions of Liberia as possible, as well as other post-conflict countries that face similar problems. "If I can be known as the woman that helped solve the water crisis in Liberia and beyond, if I can be a part of that solution, then for me I would have achieved success"

Saran Kaba Jones looked at her world and the challenges of safe water in her country through this personal but yet acceptable fact and says “It affects education, it affects health, and it affects gender issues, so for me there was nothing more basic than the issue of water so I decided to make that my cause."

Her sheer determination, courage, intelligence and most importantly her desire to be purposeful, inspired, create newness and seek for knowledge (PINK AMBITION) is helping the world, her country and her people through her organization Face Africa (, a non-profit organization that provides access to clean and safe drinking water for rural communities in Liberia, using an innovative social enterprise model to fund water projects. Today Face Africa provides clean drinking water to tens of thousands of Liberians.

We know that the goddess of water could only smile and appreciate the delectable idea borne from a woman who believes in herself and her strength, and whose idea has become another milestone for the people around the world to see what they can do to save their world.

Saran Kaba Jones is and should be seen as the determined, courageous and successful. Thumbs up to the “watermaid” whose aid will nurture generation and turn lives around for good in Liberia and beyond! To the list of our Sexy, Sassy and Successful, here is another female trailblazer, Saran Kaba Jones.

Remember...Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)  

 (c) Funmi Akerele