Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I read an article lately about Aliko Dangote (an African billionaire) on a popular site and when I looked at the comment section I was amazed by what some people wrote. One comment stung my gaze and I recoiled in shame for the lady who wrote the comment in ignorance. I couldn’t for the life of me think why in this millennium; some people can still hamper such suicidal thoughts. Either she knew it or not, the article was written as an inspirational evidence, especially for young people to help them think and understand the need to take risk, think big, and think beyond their present circumstances so as to take a leap for the greater future. The article was about how Aliko Dangote started out and built his now great business empire through hardwork.

Her comment read “wow, he is indeed loaded, how I wish I could know him, wouldn’t mind being his mistress.”
I have been told that not everyone dreams. But I beg to differ that in this world and at a time like this with myriad of problems, everyday mishap, misfortune, everyday success, achievement, and great success stories around the world that can inspire even the dullest of all hearts, some people still do not DREAM. (Note my emphasis on dream)

Yes, it’s her wish to be a mistress, but there are some wishes and dreams that can never take someone anywhere. There is gain, opportunities in personal success. You can never know the depth of a rich man’s success more than him and that is why it is needful for everyone to dream positively and make or draw personal plans to achieving it. “Dream” in this context does not mean going to bed snoring and lured away in an unknown land and eventually crowned the princess; but dreams means seeing beyond the present, and having an idea that can generate your heart desires when you conscientiously work at it.

It pays to carve your own trumpet and blow the amount of air your lungs can gather to achieve the great sounds you want to hear or dance to. The fact that one fails while trying to work out a dream is enough success story, because it will be said of you that you tried at building your castle though lost a stone in the process. And you can find the stone, or make another stone. It is possible.
It is my belief that opportunities only open to those who knock at its doors. And opportunity can be defined as a viable means to attain success through a chore that is performed deliberately overtime (my definition). You hold your own success. Your dreams can either transport you or leave you broken.

This piece is not to judge anybody but to correct a mentality that you can tap or wriggle into a success you never worked for. Let’s not be prodigal daughters and learn the right way to success. You have your gifts to translate it into whatever you want to see; your big Idea + persistent hard work + passion + knowledge = opportunities= success.

Seek opportunity not security; it is the opportunity that will bring security and not the other way. Undue and undeserved security has 3 choices: WASTE IT, SPEND IT, AND INVEST IT.

Note that the pivotal rule of success for any dream is the passion to make that dream succeed. Research has shown that 7 out of every wealth undeserved or not worked for is either wasted or spent away. Make an effort to dream (positively) about what you want and where you want to be in the FUTURE or some years to come and conscientiously work towards attaining your goals. It doesn’t hurt to be a mistress of your own great DREAMS; it is rather a misfortune to CRAVE SLAVERY of another man’s dream.


Remember...Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)



(c) Funmi Akerele