Saturday, 8 March 2014

“No man is an island, yet solution is in part a function of our individual discovery”   - PINK AMBITION

We all need a daily check of ourselves to see if in part we are individually doing what it takes to help solve the myriads of problems that have plaque us for so long.
 To create this distinction is a need to fully understand what is happening in and around us and what “I” and “WE” can do about it.

It is an “obvious reality” that the more we discover about ourselves the more we can help the teams who have discovered before us to solve the problems.

All hands must be on deck, but individuality is the beginning of the process to correct the absurdity that has become normal to us all. The abnormality; the deficit in our morals, the decadence of our identitiy as women, the restrictions of our rights, the unproductive menance of the generation we have helped to nurture, the violence against our sex, against our rights, against our selves, the injustice of violations of our bodies, our image,  the economic disease that has eaten into our purses due to corruption,  the self inflicted limitations we have placed on ourselves and  transfered to our daughters and the daughters of our daughters and indeed the future generation who has continued to live and is living in the limitations of the individuality we never expressed.

A collection of books starts from one. A battallion of soldier will be counted from the first figure; we can discover our voices as individuals, but we can team up collectively to solve all of what we see as abnormality.

Individuality starts the process, but collectively we solve our problems.  Change can be discussed, can be campaigned but misunderstood if its true meaning is lost on us as individuals. It can be diffiult to discover ourselves, because in this discovery we also identify what we passionately care for.  Our individuality is the part solutions to all these problems; it is therefore comforting to know that in discovering this there is also profits.  You cannot clap with one hand but you need to understand and rightly discover that there is first a problem and there is a need for solution and a team to solve it.

 I join women acros the world in this celebration of our individual discovery that we have individual rights no matter how limited; a right to end domestic violence, rape and other issues and also to celebrate that collectively we will break the chain and win.

 In the words of inspirational women quotes “God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers“, and that is who we are; You and I.

Remember...Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)

(c) Funmi Akerele