Saturday, 24 May 2014


There will never be a generation of great men until there has been a generation of free women -- of free mothers.
- Robert G. Ingersoll. 


Remember...Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)

(C) Funmi Akerele

Friday, 23 May 2014


 The butterfly attractiveness derives not only from colours and symmetry: deeper motives contribute to it. - Primo Levi.

Succeessful people are regular people.  Some had the same amount of opportunities while others had none.
Their similarities are not hidden, yet difficult for some to see. Some see their successes as a carbon copy while others copy their successes to the carbon.

Ideas are different inspirations given on different platforms for differnt reasons to satisfy different purposes. Two ideas may look the same but none is totally like the other except copied and pasted. Thus, inspirations or ideas left unactivated will go away; Perhaps the law of gravity.  

Our ability to receive and work with any idea is expantiated by the tale of the sower; only those who receive the dreams, develop the passsion and worked at it have the similarities seen in succesful people.
I once asked in ignorance, are some born successful? Yes they are born,and re-created themselves for a reason.

I know beyond doubt that being succesful is not a priviledge, it is not a gift, it is not a joke, but it is the rightful application of the difference between the non- succseful and the succesful.
This simlarity or difference as the case maybe is called - MOTIVE.

The motive for working that idea when no one else believed in you, when all circumstances seem to deprived you of sanity.
I work hard day and night to see that girls and women have enough inspirations, knowledge and motivation to be able to change their lives for the best.  It is a service for me. It is a job for others and if done by two people our motives are different and our result will definetely be different.

What drives what you do? What is the underlying reason? A banker with enough customer service aptitiude to draw people to come back again- It is not her bank, but maybe one day it will be the basis of her idea to see that people are made happy wherever they are offered great services. To be succesful is not a day’s job. It is a continious raise of the motives that drove you into wanting to be succesful. If you raise your heels every time with the right motives, it might just be the beginning of success for you.  

Dare to be successful; stand up everyday and do that which you should do, perhaps situations maynot be the best reasons for doing that but your heels should be tinged with enough aptitude, resolutions, humility, assertiveness, sassyness, knowledge, optimism, prudence, creativity, smartness, confidence and tenacity to work with your motives. It’s a brand new day each morning, perhaps your heels knows that, perhaps not.


Remember...Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition) 

(C) Funmi Akerele

Monday, 5 May 2014

Bring Back Our Girls.

The most unbearable pain of a mother is the pains of a missing child. The wails of a parent, the disgust of a nation, the cries of a people, the travails of different classes, the pandemonium of a number of voices, the wilderness criers, the town shakers and the silent weepers; the shame of a government without a voice.

I have watched too many American movies and have seen the real performances of its government when a citizen is abducted.  Not once, not twice, was a group of captured soldiers left to their fate without the faith and actions of its government fighting to bring them back.

In most cases there are assumptions; assumptions are not certainties, yet uninhibited assumptions could be a certainty. If I assume that a government left 234 of its army for over 2 weeks to the fate of terrorism, people who plague and look for undesereved attention, and then I can assume that the soldiers in this saga are more than ransome. Innocent people the government easily left unattended to. It would be fatal for the government to overlook the urgency of this saga.

Assumptions are strong; they form the basis for some truths. They can be formed, founded, traced and identified. They may be certainty or uncertainty, yet they are pointers...

The best government in the world does not give up its citizens to the slaughter and wait till the outcry of its people get unbearably high octave before answers are given. There is no romance without a relationship; there is no government without people. The understanding of such facts makes us wonder and assume if indeed our soldiers were not actually meants for the gallows in which they found themselves.

The exremist have given us a slap and the dangers of non-retaliation or no attempt will be a reoccurence of more dangerous sagas. Senseless though we may call their fanaticsm, but it was not without sense for the organisers as this was done with a purpose and according to the plan it was meant for. It is indeed clear that there is a reason. Nothing is really nothing unless you would rather be doing something else.

We face no more serious decisions in Nigeria today than the decisions to go after our abducted girls. Do we need a debate to ask for the whereabout of humans? Possibly a roundtable discussion, strategies and actions, but a debate of no action is a sail for another direction.

There is no confusion in our assumptions, no uncertainty in our feelings, no discrepancies in our belief of injustice meted upon the handling of the matters of the abduction.
Yet ...our girls are there.

It is a possible assumption that our girls would ask themselves what their fate is in a country where their fellows are carted away in the middle of the night? .The girls yet to come and even those who don’t understand what is going on presently and who will assume that it is possible to be kidnapped by some demented association in the mid of the night while studying for examination and carted away to be made sex slaves, wives  of bandits, slaves for lives and earn an undeserved future of terrorism, daily rape, assault, beatings and also be made witnesess to an untowards an unreasonalbe belief for a diluted religious beliefs.

Accordingly to Tony Blair in his speech on the London bombings “the extremist mission is cleverly aimed at their target audience. Their cause is not founded on an injustice. It is founded on a belief, one whose fanatiscm is such that can’t be moderated. It can’t be remedied. It has to be stood up to.
Omar Nelson Bradley rightly posited when he said “unless one values the lives of his soldiers and is tormented by their ordeal he is unfit to command”.

One man’s tears; one woman’s wail make assumptions powerfull... they form the basis to the truth, for in the senate of grasses two elephants fight in a forest, the carcas of the defeated is just what the grasses await.
Then the assumptions again; to what or whose gain is the terrorism in this country?

Assumptions are strong... stronger than what we are fed with.

But our consolation is that all the people of the world are in partner with our interest and our cries for our daughters to be brought back, and for our part as a people we see clearly that unless justice is done for our girls, the injustice of the terrorist beliefs with politcal and governmental unmedicated actions will ruin our land.

(C) Funmi Akerele

Remember...Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)