Friday, 23 May 2014


 The butterfly attractiveness derives not only from colours and symmetry: deeper motives contribute to it. - Primo Levi.

Succeessful people are regular people.  Some had the same amount of opportunities while others had none.
Their similarities are not hidden, yet difficult for some to see. Some see their successes as a carbon copy while others copy their successes to the carbon.

Ideas are different inspirations given on different platforms for differnt reasons to satisfy different purposes. Two ideas may look the same but none is totally like the other except copied and pasted. Thus, inspirations or ideas left unactivated will go away; Perhaps the law of gravity.  

Our ability to receive and work with any idea is expantiated by the tale of the sower; only those who receive the dreams, develop the passsion and worked at it have the similarities seen in succesful people.
I once asked in ignorance, are some born successful? Yes they are born,and re-created themselves for a reason.

I know beyond doubt that being succesful is not a priviledge, it is not a gift, it is not a joke, but it is the rightful application of the difference between the non- succseful and the succesful.
This simlarity or difference as the case maybe is called - MOTIVE.

The motive for working that idea when no one else believed in you, when all circumstances seem to deprived you of sanity.
I work hard day and night to see that girls and women have enough inspirations, knowledge and motivation to be able to change their lives for the best.  It is a service for me. It is a job for others and if done by two people our motives are different and our result will definetely be different.

What drives what you do? What is the underlying reason? A banker with enough customer service aptitiude to draw people to come back again- It is not her bank, but maybe one day it will be the basis of her idea to see that people are made happy wherever they are offered great services. To be succesful is not a day’s job. It is a continious raise of the motives that drove you into wanting to be succesful. If you raise your heels every time with the right motives, it might just be the beginning of success for you.  

Dare to be successful; stand up everyday and do that which you should do, perhaps situations maynot be the best reasons for doing that but your heels should be tinged with enough aptitude, resolutions, humility, assertiveness, sassyness, knowledge, optimism, prudence, creativity, smartness, confidence and tenacity to work with your motives. It’s a brand new day each morning, perhaps your heels knows that, perhaps not.


Remember...Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition) 

(C) Funmi Akerele