Thursday, 7 August 2014

Emotional intelligence

Every day living is an emotional experience and moments for females of all ages. 

Everyday we live on the edge or in fullness of an emotion which may either be borne out of experience, situations or long tales shared by someone believed by so many.

Aggravated, grumpy, defensive, radiant, dejected, joyous, overwhelmed, jealous,zealous, ever cranky, moody, depressed, confident, elated, never satisfied, happy, envious, always visibly annoyed, resourcefully happy, comfortable, composed, good natured, dejected, emotionally imbalance,easily irritated, understanding, agitated, unease, argumentative, frustratingly simple, frustrated, determined,purposeful e.t.c.
Emotion guides everything we do. We are wired up with emotions that if not rightly checked can either make or break us.

To navigate life challenges and stand out as exceptionally as we want, our emotions must be
played intelligently, which means, you must understand your self and your emotions.

Emotional Intelligence is the “something” in each of us that is a bit intangible. It affects how we manage our behavior, manage other people, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results.

Our formation could be wrong, due to habits and childhood traumas or experiences,but once we learn to read the language of our emotions, we no longer need to linger on negative emotional hangups for hours, for days, for months and for a lifetime.

Emotion impacts everything you say or do each day and predicts your performance in the workplace as well as being the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence. Having love, happiness and success depends on the ability to create and maintain good emotions.

It is not a skill that can be taught at school. It can not be used as an assessment for promotion in school, but it is definitely what is required to get to the next level in life. No one will be willing to put the money on a cranky employee and no one wants a nagging woman ,nor prefer an obnoxious employer, or a dejected and highly irritant team member. No one definitely want a woman or man who categorizes everyone due to past experiences.

We all get angry, have disappointments, feel frustrated, want to express love, be happy and we often express our emotions to let people know how we feel. Learning to manage emotions, is important - by learning how to use these emotions in ways that serve us rather than letting it run or ruin our lives. One can inevitably learn to stay calm under pressure, be more effective in our work and more influential with those around us.

Emotions are powerful but they do not have to overpower our lives.

Life does not fall flat on lack of good books skills, life fall flat on the lack of strong emotional skills which is the inability to read your own feelings, control your impulses, calm down and maintain resolve and hope in the face of setbacks.

Life is good; It can be good; It will be good , when you learn to deal with your emotions and the emotion of others without having negative attitudes.

Remember…Believe…Knowledge…Opportunities (Pink Ambition)

Funmi Akerele
Twitter: @Pinkambitions1
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