Sunday, 23 November 2014

...I am here
I am more than enough
I have so much to give
I posses the strength to make things happen
The strength to conceive...
The idea
...Every idea is an ideal mountain top, only climbed by those little droplets of hungry sweats, brave enough   to encroach roundabout the calluses or smoothness of life.

I am here,
I am more than enough
I took the bet, more like a dare to climb
Knowing fully well I have so much to loose
The ladder we all climb seems glossy
Yet the slippery happenstance is usually for those who hold the ladder with wet hands,wet flip flops intending to climb.
Slippery is good. It exposes our dynamism
 They say the view at the top remains the best, yet with unwavering dexterity and a god-damn attitude -- only few idea -list climb.
Inevitable are the results they meet :
 concrete justice, or mountaintop justice.

I am here
I am more than enough
I have so much to give
The ladder is a disguise, the action is the mainstream
Every step is a bespoke activity
The victory of one challenge announces more challenges
The steps are many...
There is a step of love filled with passion and thirst; the first born of the world’s  greatest couple
There is distress. 
There is hunger , anger and regret bundled about the memory of the diverse opportunities to be seen down the stairs.
There is a step of serenity which may propel you to think life is at its best abyss. The gentle breeze from this view is deceiving ,distracting and unforgivably beautiful. Only those who open their minds to the empty steps upward venture to complete it.
There’s a step of happiness in which the prosperity of others is also  your prosperity .
There is a step of “exhale”. How simple actions makes your full belly flutter like a blossom on her first love.
And There is a step of joy, not the last step , but equipped with the  knowledge of how to,
The wisdom of life’s successes is a principle sought by many who refused to climb the ladder. The simple action of the climb is a result of having resolved with the mind.
Knowledge is inevitable for the climb.

The best strategies may not happen with the best ideas
But an idea is fundamental. A great one is ingenious.
It may be easy to climb, easy to engage, easy to be active and upward.
It is usually dumb not to think before jumping or before descent
The inevitable may happen
Concrete justice or mountaintop justice
So every climb or descent and all process requires the “ups”

I am here
I am more than enough
I have so much to give
The ability to GETUP!
The creativity to STARTUP
The decision to start UPSTAIRS!

 And that is why I am here
Remember…Believe…Knowledge…Opportunities (Pink Ambition)

Funmi Akerele
Twitter: @Pinkambitions1
Instagram: pinkambition1