Wednesday, 12 November 2014


...acknowledging that our actions,beliefs,words and emotion are not the best choices is a state where we evaluate our selves and choose who we are and who we want to be.

For those things you do,for the ones you have done, and for those you are about to do, once you get to a state that you P.A.C (Pause. Acknowledge and Clear your mind) before you act, then you have began to choose who you are and what to become.

Emotional intelligent people are ordinary people who have mastered and aligned their emotions as well as others to yield positive results and actions to make impact in their workplace, relationship, career and lives.

To choose yourself there must be a continuous evaluation of your emotion and thoughts before it culminate into any activity.

What is the result of your choice action?

I have chosen to love my life by aligning my thoughts and emotions to understand, evaluate and often re-evaluate what I want to do, how I do things and why I want to do it. To choose yourself; intentional evaluation is the key choice before action.

I did a check this morning to start to do, to count, to get,to become,to allow, to disallow, to understand, to appreciate, to work harder, to say and much more importantly make choices that are devoid of negative entanglements; to use more hindsight and insights rather than give room to a botox injected emotion in dealing with myself and in leading and living with people.

I have learnt that I am who I am because of my choices and lack of it, and I can control my thoughts and actions once I understand the need to properly evaluate and get in the drivers seat towards a better life, self esteem and a proper emotional competence.

Your life is your choice. Choose actions, thoughts, emotions, behaviour that will positively influence you and others.

Its your choice!

Remember... Believe...Knowledge... Opportunities (Pink Ambition)