Sunday, 30 November 2014

Personal Influence

Though the elevator only goes to the top floor, there is always a staircase to the roof.
Vincent Steininger 

Music boxes can be purchased anywhere.The songs from it are pre-recorded. Everyday listen may bore the heart and the music box can break off due to various replay. But some music boxes never stop playing- Our strong convictions. Our motivation.

We are the world’s greatest soldiers- Women.

We sing, hum and retain the music after the music box has finally found a resting abode.The songs of our hearts is like the deftness of our hands, working rigorously and gently to weave the idea we want to see.
The story of business as told by my grandmother will never fail to amuse me.

She said life is a wrapper we must tie around our waist or chest. She said the modern woman ties the wrapper on her waist because she has gained enough wisdom on the disadvantages of the wrapper on her chest. But the traditional woman ties the wrapper on her chest because the wrapped chest serve a lot of purpose. It serves as a bank, a safe, a beauty parlour, the fashion and even the home for all her desires.
The lesson is not where the wrapper is tied, but the lesson is the belief of the purpose, and the belief of what the wrapper signify for the two different women concerned. Every time they tie the wrapper in the different regions they are convince that it is the best place. Perhaps the chest is the best place, perhaps the waist befits the wrapper, but the conviction they hum in their heart is the conviction that their concept is the best. Women are not just managers, they are leaders, and we have been running empires from the world go. Despite challenges we never forget to hum the songs over and over till it reverberates what we want to see.

“I love the expression: we are the ones , we have been waiting for” . You cannot be different until you hum what you see about yourself. The world is the music box; they may fail. Your heart and your convictions for your passion, your purpose is the song hidden in the depth of your access- your heart.

What do you see, self motivate and influence yourself to see the roof when the world stops at their last floor. You are your best motivator, perhaps the world may hum the songs with you, that is if you never forgot the song from your hearts.

No product sells without the hearts involved.

What do you want to see, self motivate yourself to break your visions, augment your passion and soar. When the music box stops singing, the songs in your hearts reverberates, only you can hear the thuds of the songs, but people see the rhythm in the deftness of your fingers and the marches you strut around.

Personal influence is a song, only you know the rhythm, like i am singing now, you may not be able to guess the song but if you watch this page often you will see the dances like the splash of colours on the pages of the art that I am creating.

Speak, write move, pace. Dance, sing, launch forward, dive but never forget you best ally. You.

Influence your hearts to sing even after the old music box is broken.

Arise your compatriot – your hearts. Influence your passion with your convictions.

Its a brand new day and month!

Remember...Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities(Pink Ambition)

Funmi Akerele.
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