Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Women for Women

Politics can be a pool of dirty tricks. 

This is a global phenomenon and female politicians face the brunt of strict political environment, political violence, physical as well as sexual assault , abuse, and under -representation due to no support as well as gender discrimination prevalent in politics.
Marginalization of women in politics in Nigeria can thoroughly be addressed by the support of women for women. The level of representation of women in politics in Nigeria is disheartening, yet the advantages for more female representation is huge. Women are the bedrock of the society and also a veritable tool of development in any society.
There are so many hindrances aside marginalization or gender disparity, women politicians face but one winning edge to all these challenges is when we have more women supporting women in politics. Our value system is not encouraging, as women politicians are viewed as thieves who support the looting of the treasury. The wags of tongues and the backlashes from other women are enough to send noble office holders or interested women leaders to a scurry of silence.

If we begin to support women who are interested in politics ,more women will be bold to come into politics and this will definitely change our society for better.
For the success of those who are running in different capacity in the 2015 election, it is important we have more women supporting them to share ideas, network and advocate for better manifestos as well as good mandate to make them have a victory.
It is simple, women need women.
We need to bring our bricks together one after the other to see what we can build with our own voices and unyielding support .
If a woman candidate has a wrong notion for running a political position, through our participation and encouragement with counsel , it is possible for her to see the light of the tunnel and not grope around in darkness.
To see the success of the 2015 election, Nigerian women have a strong part to play in supporting all the women who are running for office.

Women are leaders and Nigeria needs more women leaders!

Remember…Believe…Knowledge…Opportunities (Pink Ambition)

Funmi Akerele
Twitter: @Pinkambitions1
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