Sunday, 11 October 2015

Woman thou art loosed!

From each side of the garden we played,
we go winks and calls at each other,
 formed ,yet not alike we think.
We  are sex apart 
One formed Wow-men
One formed Mehn!
But we started together...
Then we trudged the paths of some discovery;
In innocent oblivion we draw our distinctions and then differences
From the nature that made night and day together, and none fought the superiority fracas
Yet patriarchy ,society ,the power that blaze found the grey.
Unjust Anatomy that describes
The fallacy of the thought- PATRIARCHY.

...We are not subservient as mouthed,
We are only substandard as our beliefs and as the status drawn by us, thrown over at us, by the ribs that cracked us living.
Many became subservient by and to this thought-PATRIARCHY
Of Minds formed from the rubbles of  a diseased society, and  slated on our palms from the day it all began
With this thought ,Some of us have been depleted and raised
moisture only as the best second.
Some firm their worth in the passion of this THOUGHT,that made them want for more.
Some beg to remain with this THOUGHT making  them half-female, half wanton for this THOUGHT
Treated as such that could be spat upon.
By treatment, by unjust atrocities, by opinions that lays the truths and the tools non-sterile
More of us believe in the lies, in their truth, in the reality of this thought- PATRIARCHY
Formed from the groins of they who hunted for game their own kinds; in tradition,  in belief, in a conceived supremacy they hunted, laying waste the ones formed right beside him with the thought PATRIARCHY    
We are dead to the scriptures when we favour our opinions on the LIES of this THOUGHT
Many are unborn to the reality and the truth that man and woman, HE created them and none was ashamed. Not ashamed – not substandard to one.
Some of us believe in the feelings, the aftermath of the semen rubbed with ecstasy over our body by this THOUGHT
Calling our feelings guilty and to judgement every time we dare be different.
...There  are so many humorous things in the world
Yet not as humorous as the hands that robbed the clitoris of feelings to prevent promiscuity
Not humorous as the hands that press the beauty of the girl child with hot iron
More humor for this belief that if her beauty was ironed flat she will be protected
Not  humorous as a kick against her intelligence on the way to the echelon of the board
Not  humorous than the belief that a woman who says NO must be RAPED and brutalised
Not  humorous like her voice being kept silent
Not  humorous that by keeping the books that made her eyes dance she will quickly resumed her position as the bride
Not as humorous as cutting her youth at age 8 by marrying and bedding her hymen off.
...I love the love that runs over my face, telling me penetration does not have to be deep before enjoyment, showing me I don't have to cringe to be bold, I don't have to love recklessly, unconditionally to be appreciated, I don't have to forsake the tinge to my heart to be acknowledged, I don't have to shave to be counted, I don't need no validation before believing I am me.
The patriarchy hold no sway on my desires. The society holds no praise to my being different and free to exhibit my fierceness.
I grew up with the esteem safe enough for my age, only tumbled down by those who are timidly afraid of what my strength, my voice, my actions may thunder to their egos.
They say feminism is trash, I concur only as a diversion to find its synonyms . Feminism is an acrobatic tampon, never staying in its spots. You can’t define its spirit.
They define the women that motivates feminism as gutter, but then would you rather your daughter is suppressed and you term it obedience? Would you rather get your eight year old raped and you called it one of life’s incidences? Would you enjoy your mother slapped and abuse by your father ,then give him a standing ovation as the best of the century?
 The feminists are caretaker, changing the views of women who have been robed of their wrappers, whose slippers are broken at the edges yet paraded as the paragon of beauty and a demonstration of what a malleable woman should be.
In the words of  JOY ISI BEWAJI, a fearless and articulate feminist: Feminism is freedom. It's independence for women and lovers of women.
 I love to say pretty words, I love to use pretty words, I love pretty things, I love pretty toys, I love pretty face, I love long pretty sentences; laid there are the meanings that can be hidden for the more discerning. Kudos to those who came up with feminism, oops to those who forgot the meaning, baa to those who have misunderstood its true meanings. Feminism can not be true to one single meaning, it is a movement by females for females and males to combat the ills we see around.  Its freedom.
If they say feminism is trash, once again for their sake, I agree, but only to find another lingo . I can only say: WOMAN THOU ARE LOOSED!
That's the right lingo.
A long time ago when I finally found my heart, I found a recipe
Recipe for feminism. A recipe we should teach our daughters, such that they will understand; such that they will learn and know, that to be who they want to be they have to be unafraid to use the recipe in the proportions that suit them ; suit their lives and also suit their entirety.
Recipe for feminism:
Who raises a girl child in this era without this recipe.
Stand up for your right, let your voice be seen and heard! In the ancient times ,we weren't counted, soon, we were counted separately because they knew about the time when the girl would demand her clitoris be left full and falling fresh; her breast should be devoid of ironing, and her presence can be acknowledged even while shedding the eggs. Who raises a girl child with head cast down, and arms too short to protect herself and provide for herself this days?  Who raises a girl child in this age whose voice is devoid of any intelligence; who cannot bravely say, thou shalt not treat me that way.  Esteem is a product of what ever the home, the society, the environment infuses into the humans to be humane.
We have got to show our sons a new definition of manhood.
We have got to show our daughters the new definition of womanhood.
Feminism is strength
It is vision
It is reality
It is sight
It is possibilities
And it means Women thou are loosed and the girls have come!
Happy international day of the girl child 
(C) Funmi Akerele

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Let thy will be done soon!

Looking at him as he whispered with the left side of the mouth on his hospital bed, we all prayed. He was sick, and had suffered a stroke that left his left side immobile. I had just gained admission into a higher institution, and more than before I understood the role of a father in my life. I remember the last time I came home barely two months that I went to school, we had a fight, I was hurt by his words, but I knew they were momentary, he would soon call me and we would laugh it off.

True to my thoughts, he called and complained I move about like an owl; and in defiance of his joke he looked at my mother. I knew it was a comparison joke and that elicited a laugh from me and a heavy frown from my mother. She was “happily- angered” by his incessant jokes and the rub on her, but such was his ways; Jovial, good provider, friendly, great, generous and principled. One thing was missing though; he never said it all. I can’t call it secretive as every other part of his life was an open book except his finances which he held such traditional views about.

He believed men should not tell the source of their income to their family especially to their wives, as the women may go overboard. As the breadwinner, it was and still is the notion of the traditional man that taking care of the families is important, but to show the woman the source was considered a weakness. Whether there was a great deal of sense in this belief, I never knew until it dawned on us that he had died without a will. We could only lay claims to the property we lived in while the locations of other lands and properties remained unknown. He never suffered the result of this view, we did. We toiled, we searched, but the secrets were well locked in the deep of his stomach, and he died with it.

At a time I wonder why my mother allowed it, but then, when a friend of mine shared the story about the death of her father and the tussles that went on years after years about properties they never knew existed and the throngs of children and wives that came after his death to lay claim to him being their father and husbands, I realized that some certain aspect about the traditional man are systems, culture and opinions ingrained in them from age-long, which indeed can be detrimental to the health of the wife or children and the future of the family. One opinion that disturbed me was shared by an older aunt when she came visiting and told us that men are gods and whatever they keep away from their wives and families must be accepted in fate that things should be like that, as this has been the case from age-long.

Some tradition, culture and its sentiments are a bad rub on good logic. So many patriarchy views just like this has hurt and displaced the destinies of families that could have been great if there were indeed transparency and plans as well as written wills before the death of the breadwinner or head of the homes. The African man aside keeping the issues of their true state of finance from their loved ones believe that writing will is an invitation to early death. Writing wills in Africa is still a custom left to old age or most times never at all. Will writing is not only for a certain class of people but for every discerning adult, so as to put things into clearer perspectives for the sake of the family and other relatives at large. It may be permissible for the old century man not to divulge information regarding his social, mental, health as well as financial status to their families, it is not permissible for any man or woman in this century to die without a will.

With information technology and the turn of the millennium came a shift in the age of discernment and of course achievement. There are so many 19-year-old billionaires and 25 years old hard-working young men and women who have drawn plans for the next 10 years on where and what they want to achieve. Of course nobody expect death, yet it is called good planning if as a young married man or woman you begin to put things into perspectives for the sake of your immediate family or loved ones by planning for when you are not going to be there anymore . I believe forty is a safe age for any man or woman to start planning and writing will which can be updated years and years afterwards till the last will before either untimely demise or timely as the case may be.

Death is inevitable, yet agony and despair of loved ones can be abated when the right thing is done. I heard of a friend’s story whose in-law chased away some couple of months ago after her husband died because she had no child, and the story of the man who was humiliated by the wife’s family for killing their daughter to inherit her properties.

For children, and wives even husband not to suffer the ridicule of untimely death, financial disasters and all family traumas may bring, every man should attempt to write a will once he gets to the age of 40. Death is inevitable, but then, there must be preparation for any eventuality at a certain age.

Can women write will too? 

Obviously, this is a question a lot of women shrug off as unimportant and also considered as morbid. Many of us actually laugh it off thinking "what do i have" that i want to write a will on. Yet in Africa and some parts of the world we see many women being disowned from what is rightfully theirs and some can even be killed for laying claims to what is truly theirs. You may ask of  what good will a will be in the part of the world that you are that men/ boys are favoured more than girls.

Simple. It serves as the information, the legal bid that can get you to fight for what is truly yours. Women should encourage men to write wills at a certain age, as for single parents, writing will is not bad as well as it proves as the standing instructions in case of any eventuality.

Women need every help they can get to help them fight for themselves and their children. they need help to raise their voices in cases of undue maltreatment from family members. The will may not be an absolute defense in terms of combating against the societal beliefs about women holding inheritances, yet it can help to bring justice through the right channel for the oppressed

Friday, 31 July 2015


Every thing has its place...
Every breath has its meaning
Every note has its purpose
Every pause has its voice
Every fault has a beginning
Every good has its business
Every show has its end
Every life matters.

Every woman has her purpose
Every connection has a definition
Every gossip has a root
Every laughter has a say
Every love has its boundary
Every life has a destination
there is no mystery to a start ,there is no magic to an end
It must have been, because it was
It will be,because you made it possible
Fools die for no reason
liberal lives never harped on songs sang with no meaning.
...Every thing is connected to something

Remember…Believe…Knowledge…Opportunities (Pink Ambition)

Funmi Akerele

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Time is a natural phenomenon
Yet some do not believe the intentions of time for our lives
Winners have not used time,
They have obeyed the tick of every trick of it.
Losers have used time to their judicious failing
Time will tell, how we spend every moments of our lives
Time will tell our struggles
Time will tell our pains
Time never talk about our success
It doesn’t need to
Success reflects itself on the times we have spent
either ugly or beautiful times; time is a success - time is a failure
We can't recycle wasted time;
Bottles filled with sorrowful water
Cannot filled an empty stomach
there is a time for every fail
time for every success,
time for every opportunity,
time for freedom,
time for decision,
time for laughter,
time for choices,
time for changes,
time for chances,
time for risk
above all there is time to make time
Time is ugly
Time is our cause
Time is a curse
The ugly for every beauty
Remember…Believe…Knowledge…Opportunities (Pink Ambition)
Funmi Akerele

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Contour your Success!

The idea of being decisive and taking courage along your journey in life despite the griping fear that  could disrupt success or ovation is often a huge task for most people.
One proposition about success is that it can work without fail or work itself out; while a little degree of that may be true, nevertheless success can overtime appreciate due to self driven values put to outline or highlight it.
Every success is contoured by tangible and intangible values applied with right attitude, positive vibes, talent and the extraordinary that makes it exceptional.
Life tells different success stories but we are honoured with a successful life when we put a great deal of work into it; when we conscientiously work the value we want to see and such values that  people can learn from.  Little wonder  that lives based on these premises are the great stories worth sharing and knowing.


 Tara Fela-Durotoye is a trained lawyer who pursued her dream of becoming a successful make-up artist. She is the CEO of House of Tara International and designer of the Tara “Orekelewa” Beauty range, Inspired Perfume and the H.I.P Beauty range.

She started with nothing but her passion. She started small with no great techniques. One of the motivational takeout behind Tara’s makeup and beauty business is an idea people call an ordinary business, but done in an extraordinary way.

Tara may be your everyday girl/woman inspiration but her success exceed what you see painted on lips and faces called Tara makeup. The depth and knowledge of her skills with her business’s acumen is like an everyday know- how, yet extraordinary in its delivery, its strategies,and  journey to becoming successful.

Tara Fela Durotoye’s beauty business success can not be exempted from who Tara is and why she is Tara.

Tara’s body is honed by the hard work she put into her work, and her story didn't start from when she became successful, her story started from when she was called Tara. The name became hers and hers only as she evolve the brand that got people to love her as the TARA.

From a young girl filled with the ambition to succeed to the woman burning with passion for success,  Tara’s name is synonymous to determination, judicious passion, devotion , foresight and a super confidence. These are the values she has used to contour her path and  highlighted her passion by working on her fails and defining her journey to the success you see.

Business is a vehicle that changes lives, strategically she has used her skills to teach, inspire and mentor men and women on  how to contour these values to explore possibilities and achieve success. Her skills are not limited to the beauty of the loose powder she dexterously apply, but the determination of finding the right business where she can be her name and she can be herself.

Her passion for the beauty business should not be underestimated in the mascara she applies to make beauty stand out  but in her abilities to create outstanding  products that has indeed made her common skills look so much uncommon and well sought after.

Her passion is not escaped in the sweet pout of lips painted beautifully simple, but in the ability to identify needs of every face or facets of life presented to her. Not only did she wear the white robe impeccably, but she applied the law of good  justice to every face she beats and every products and lines she has developed through her beauty business.

The beauty of her business and success is all about how she has been able to contoured her success to where she is today. she has shaped every lines, removed every unwanted hairs and appreciated the curves through these self developmental values she contoured to bring out the beauty of her success as well as the beauty that lies in others.

 I believe one of the greatest inspiration about her success is how deftly she has applied the intersection of her talent, strengths, weaknesses, passion, consistencies, determination, reflexes, purpose, power and differences to monument what women of today should learn about what one can become when you put values that can help to find your route to success.
Every life comes with a face unmade.

The beauty of our face gets seen when we work on it. Success is an art ! We can contour, and highlight the right values to bring out the success.

Find your uniqueness.If you get better, everything will get better for you.

The beauty of your uniqueness depends on your "make-ups"  and also the way you contour your makeup to work your success. Never be afraid of every flaws, the more you contour the values you have the better you are able to highlight unto success.
There are so many abandoned vehicles on the road of life.  Life will not ask why the vehicle got abandoned.

Life never sympathizes.
 The vehicle became abandoned not because, the mechanics of it are in total abandon, but because, the owner abandon herself or himself.

Life is a face unmade.

Life can be a beauty.

Contour; identify the values that can help through to success. Your idea, determination, authenticity, belief, devotion, foresight, optimism, confidence, integrity fearlessness...
The journey starts when your valuable brushes and beauty kits starts the job .

...Contour and highlight your invaluable traits to achieve success.

...Here goes Tara on our list of Smart, Sassy and Succesful women.
Remember...Believe...Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)

(c) Funmi Akerele

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Take charge!

If you can't control your mind someone else will;
If you can't control your emotions, someone else will;
If you can't control your purpose someone else will
If you cant control your passion, someone else will
If you cant control your direction, something else will
The mastery techniques for achievement is but a simple wand which can be waved as you desired or can be waved and used unceremoniously should it find abode in another's zone.
Take charge, weave your thread, control your emotions, live, rule, learn now for the future.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out.
Often times we beat ourselves for not doing enough ; not making enough money and not having enough as we would have wished to.
We fail to see and understand that prosperity has a progressive ring to its name. Prosperity rests upon a moral foundation of “the little drop of water makes a mighty ocean”; but people only see the physical ordinance of prosperity as difficult and challenging.
A little “i CAN do it” birth possibilities and open opportunities
Life become remarkable when we begin to see the power of small “CANS” and small “DOS” to make the big “DOS”. Little drop of water makes a paddle ; little pool of paddle makes a brook, a creek, stream, river and then ocean.
We cannot afford to throw away the small CANS in our lives by not noticing the wonders of it and its available differences it can create in our lives. Its time to know more about life of the small “CANS” instead of allowing the big cans you can not attempt presently to shroud your vision.
Small actions can have huge impact.
Success is also available in small “CANS”.
Little ”CANS” can create major difference in our lives.
“Break every boundary with your inner passion and you will get there successfully. Resist every chance to give up... Believe you can... Rise up after every fall... Be willing to win!”
― Israelmore Ayivor
Remember...Believe..Knowledge...Opportunities (Pink Ambition)
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Thursday, 29 January 2015

The vanity of our beauty-well being

...Perhaps they found it!
The vanity of our beauty-well being
The subtle confirmation that we are children of words from the world.
From every observation
We own the world to ourselves, by ourselves
We see what we look for ,
We hear from what we have seen heard
We love what we have seen loved by us
We love who we all want
But We live for what we don't have
And In the circle of our actions and needs, we live on bridges built, spoilt and often reconstructed without maintenance nor preservation.
-That's the meme.
Perhaps the words around our world should be the apple story enunciated by the lab-coats on total well-being
...Pieces broken daily
Jet lagging behind our scurried steps,
Luggage pierced
Broken bottles, inflated tubes, uncontrolled panels, records disturbed, strained bowels
Yet we pen down our needs by reconstructing the decay
And Packaging the good ,the affected with the infected.
Perhaps we have all found it
...the well being and beauty we seek for , justified by our ability to care for the exteriors
Perhaps we all seek reconstruction
As a beauty regimen that augment our vanity
Perhaps we seek more than that.
...Perhaps we need to reconstruct
When our lips look too sentimental ,
Our boobs too small for our world
And daily we cringe our neck at the heavily laden milk maid
Thus "architecting" our obsessions like the milk lassie in the dairy,
Perhaps the words of the world tell you to seek or the word says, “it can only look beautiful with a straight nose” or “ if only you can have the goddess' legs , the Selina's mouth, the Amber's jawline, the Rose's cheekbones and the Bella’s dancing eyes”.
...Perhaps we seek nothing that we have not found
Perhaps we ruin the world by the words of our needs
As we daily reconstruct the bridges that holds our esteem in tattered fragrance which we always want the world to sniff in our wake
Perhaps we are victims in the hands of those who reconstruct our bridges
Who on the spree of clinical ejaculation carve gravity muse for our powdered affection.
Perhaps we don't know ourselves
And We learnt the rudiment the wrong way
...walking the world for the words in a better beauty.
because our reconstruction came out good
we laid with the blade on our skin
caressing and , running its sharp ecstasy on our wanton flesh
strutting our stuffs and daily wishing for more.
It never stops; the hands that ticked on our flesh, cutting and laying waste the rest
It never stops; the need to have more, see more and be more of the words around our world.
Perhaps we see the truth in the lies that words around our world .
...Total well-being gravitate around inner well-being
Perhaps that’s not the truth.
We may hold our truth in our reasoning or obsession
But gravity is a stronger mien of the total state of beauty
Perhaps we don't all get it
and like the proverbial pigs with strange behaviour we have rushed to the sea unseen
all by the words around our world
We all live on the words for our world
We experience the words of our world in different areas
And we occupy the space of the words in our world,
...perhaps we do right ,
Perhaps we do wrong.
But then, for our reconstructed well being and beauty
Gravity is a stronger force!
And Society Pressure equals insecurities.