Thursday, 29 January 2015

The vanity of our beauty-well being

...Perhaps they found it!
The vanity of our beauty-well being
The subtle confirmation that we are children of words from the world.
From every observation
We own the world to ourselves, by ourselves
We see what we look for ,
We hear from what we have seen heard
We love what we have seen loved by us
We love who we all want
But We live for what we don't have
And In the circle of our actions and needs, we live on bridges built, spoilt and often reconstructed without maintenance nor preservation.
-That's the meme.
Perhaps the words around our world should be the apple story enunciated by the lab-coats on total well-being
...Pieces broken daily
Jet lagging behind our scurried steps,
Luggage pierced
Broken bottles, inflated tubes, uncontrolled panels, records disturbed, strained bowels
Yet we pen down our needs by reconstructing the decay
And Packaging the good ,the affected with the infected.
Perhaps we have all found it
...the well being and beauty we seek for , justified by our ability to care for the exteriors
Perhaps we all seek reconstruction
As a beauty regimen that augment our vanity
Perhaps we seek more than that.
...Perhaps we need to reconstruct
When our lips look too sentimental ,
Our boobs too small for our world
And daily we cringe our neck at the heavily laden milk maid
Thus "architecting" our obsessions like the milk lassie in the dairy,
Perhaps the words of the world tell you to seek or the word says, “it can only look beautiful with a straight nose” or “ if only you can have the goddess' legs , the Selina's mouth, the Amber's jawline, the Rose's cheekbones and the Bella’s dancing eyes”.
...Perhaps we seek nothing that we have not found
Perhaps we ruin the world by the words of our needs
As we daily reconstruct the bridges that holds our esteem in tattered fragrance which we always want the world to sniff in our wake
Perhaps we are victims in the hands of those who reconstruct our bridges
Who on the spree of clinical ejaculation carve gravity muse for our powdered affection.
Perhaps we don't know ourselves
And We learnt the rudiment the wrong way
...walking the world for the words in a better beauty.
because our reconstruction came out good
we laid with the blade on our skin
caressing and , running its sharp ecstasy on our wanton flesh
strutting our stuffs and daily wishing for more.
It never stops; the hands that ticked on our flesh, cutting and laying waste the rest
It never stops; the need to have more, see more and be more of the words around our world.
Perhaps we see the truth in the lies that words around our world .
...Total well-being gravitate around inner well-being
Perhaps that’s not the truth.
We may hold our truth in our reasoning or obsession
But gravity is a stronger mien of the total state of beauty
Perhaps we don't all get it
and like the proverbial pigs with strange behaviour we have rushed to the sea unseen
all by the words around our world
We all live on the words for our world
We experience the words of our world in different areas
And we occupy the space of the words in our world,
...perhaps we do right ,
Perhaps we do wrong.
But then, for our reconstructed well being and beauty
Gravity is a stronger force!
And Society Pressure equals insecurities.