Friday, 31 July 2015


Every thing has its place...
Every breath has its meaning
Every note has its purpose
Every pause has its voice
Every fault has a beginning
Every good has its business
Every show has its end
Every life matters.

Every woman has her purpose
Every connection has a definition
Every gossip has a root
Every laughter has a say
Every love has its boundary
Every life has a destination
there is no mystery to a start ,there is no magic to an end
It must have been, because it was
It will be,because you made it possible
Fools die for no reason
liberal lives never harped on songs sang with no meaning.
...Every thing is connected to something

Remember…Believe…Knowledge…Opportunities (Pink Ambition)

Funmi Akerele

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Time is a natural phenomenon
Yet some do not believe the intentions of time for our lives
Winners have not used time,
They have obeyed the tick of every trick of it.
Losers have used time to their judicious failing
Time will tell, how we spend every moments of our lives
Time will tell our struggles
Time will tell our pains
Time never talk about our success
It doesn’t need to
Success reflects itself on the times we have spent
either ugly or beautiful times; time is a success - time is a failure
We can't recycle wasted time;
Bottles filled with sorrowful water
Cannot filled an empty stomach
there is a time for every fail
time for every success,
time for every opportunity,
time for freedom,
time for decision,
time for laughter,
time for choices,
time for changes,
time for chances,
time for risk
above all there is time to make time
Time is ugly
Time is our cause
Time is a curse
The ugly for every beauty
Remember…Believe…Knowledge…Opportunities (Pink Ambition)
Funmi Akerele