Sunday, 11 October 2015

Woman thou art loosed!

From each side of the garden we played,
we go winks and calls at each other,
 formed ,yet not alike we think.
We  are sex apart 
One formed Wow-men
One formed Mehn!
But we started together...
Then we trudged the paths of some discovery;
In innocent oblivion we draw our distinctions and then differences
From the nature that made night and day together, and none fought the superiority fracas
Yet patriarchy ,society ,the power that blaze found the grey.
Unjust Anatomy that describes
The fallacy of the thought- PATRIARCHY.

...We are not subservient as mouthed,
We are only substandard as our beliefs and as the status drawn by us, thrown over at us, by the ribs that cracked us living.
Many became subservient by and to this thought-PATRIARCHY
Of Minds formed from the rubbles of  a diseased society, and  slated on our palms from the day it all began
With this thought ,Some of us have been depleted and raised
moisture only as the best second.
Some firm their worth in the passion of this THOUGHT,that made them want for more.
Some beg to remain with this THOUGHT making  them half-female, half wanton for this THOUGHT
Treated as such that could be spat upon.
By treatment, by unjust atrocities, by opinions that lays the truths and the tools non-sterile
More of us believe in the lies, in their truth, in the reality of this thought- PATRIARCHY
Formed from the groins of they who hunted for game their own kinds; in tradition,  in belief, in a conceived supremacy they hunted, laying waste the ones formed right beside him with the thought PATRIARCHY    
We are dead to the scriptures when we favour our opinions on the LIES of this THOUGHT
Many are unborn to the reality and the truth that man and woman, HE created them and none was ashamed. Not ashamed – not substandard to one.
Some of us believe in the feelings, the aftermath of the semen rubbed with ecstasy over our body by this THOUGHT
Calling our feelings guilty and to judgement every time we dare be different.
...There  are so many humorous things in the world
Yet not as humorous as the hands that robbed the clitoris of feelings to prevent promiscuity
Not humorous as the hands that press the beauty of the girl child with hot iron
More humor for this belief that if her beauty was ironed flat she will be protected
Not  humorous as a kick against her intelligence on the way to the echelon of the board
Not  humorous than the belief that a woman who says NO must be RAPED and brutalised
Not  humorous like her voice being kept silent
Not  humorous that by keeping the books that made her eyes dance she will quickly resumed her position as the bride
Not as humorous as cutting her youth at age 8 by marrying and bedding her hymen off.
...I love the love that runs over my face, telling me penetration does not have to be deep before enjoyment, showing me I don't have to cringe to be bold, I don't have to love recklessly, unconditionally to be appreciated, I don't have to forsake the tinge to my heart to be acknowledged, I don't have to shave to be counted, I don't need no validation before believing I am me.
The patriarchy hold no sway on my desires. The society holds no praise to my being different and free to exhibit my fierceness.
I grew up with the esteem safe enough for my age, only tumbled down by those who are timidly afraid of what my strength, my voice, my actions may thunder to their egos.
They say feminism is trash, I concur only as a diversion to find its synonyms . Feminism is an acrobatic tampon, never staying in its spots. You can’t define its spirit.
They define the women that motivates feminism as gutter, but then would you rather your daughter is suppressed and you term it obedience? Would you rather get your eight year old raped and you called it one of life’s incidences? Would you enjoy your mother slapped and abuse by your father ,then give him a standing ovation as the best of the century?
 The feminists are caretaker, changing the views of women who have been robed of their wrappers, whose slippers are broken at the edges yet paraded as the paragon of beauty and a demonstration of what a malleable woman should be.
In the words of  JOY ISI BEWAJI, a fearless and articulate feminist: Feminism is freedom. It's independence for women and lovers of women.
 I love to say pretty words, I love to use pretty words, I love pretty things, I love pretty toys, I love pretty face, I love long pretty sentences; laid there are the meanings that can be hidden for the more discerning. Kudos to those who came up with feminism, oops to those who forgot the meaning, baa to those who have misunderstood its true meanings. Feminism can not be true to one single meaning, it is a movement by females for females and males to combat the ills we see around.  Its freedom.
If they say feminism is trash, once again for their sake, I agree, but only to find another lingo . I can only say: WOMAN THOU ARE LOOSED!
That's the right lingo.
A long time ago when I finally found my heart, I found a recipe
Recipe for feminism. A recipe we should teach our daughters, such that they will understand; such that they will learn and know, that to be who they want to be they have to be unafraid to use the recipe in the proportions that suit them ; suit their lives and also suit their entirety.
Recipe for feminism:
Who raises a girl child in this era without this recipe.
Stand up for your right, let your voice be seen and heard! In the ancient times ,we weren't counted, soon, we were counted separately because they knew about the time when the girl would demand her clitoris be left full and falling fresh; her breast should be devoid of ironing, and her presence can be acknowledged even while shedding the eggs. Who raises a girl child with head cast down, and arms too short to protect herself and provide for herself this days?  Who raises a girl child in this age whose voice is devoid of any intelligence; who cannot bravely say, thou shalt not treat me that way.  Esteem is a product of what ever the home, the society, the environment infuses into the humans to be humane.
We have got to show our sons a new definition of manhood.
We have got to show our daughters the new definition of womanhood.
Feminism is strength
It is vision
It is reality
It is sight
It is possibilities
And it means Women thou are loosed and the girls have come!
Happy international day of the girl child 
(C) Funmi Akerele